Affordable Memorial Plaques

Yes, we want the best send off for our loved ones who have passed away, but at what cost?

Yes, you may be willing to spend thousands of dollars because they meant so much to you.

If spending lots of money is what your loved one would have wanted, and you have the means to do so, then by all means you should do so. But if they would rather the funds stay with you and your living family and not funeral parlours, please consider their wishes.

At Memorial Plaques and Memories, we make it easy and convenient to create memorial plaques online. Using our quick and intuitive online plaque creator, you will be able to design the perfect affordable plaque to remember them forever by. Our UV printing and resin coating, allows for the memorial to last for years to come whether indoor or outdoor conditions.

Visit our site at to begin designing the memorial plaque of your choosing. If you have any questions about how our design, printing or shipping process works, don’t hesitate to call us directly.

With Memorial Plaques and Memories you get more than a product, you get a solution.
From concept to manufacture, Memorial Plaques and Memories has the solution.
Memorial Plaques and Memories is the right solution!

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